• 14th July 2015

Perth Concert Hall

Perth Concert Hall

819 615 802 Wifi

Installing Intelligent WiFi opened new business and marketing opportunities for the Concert Hall’s operators. Business operations integrated seamlessly with the in-house corporate applications. Whats more the digital portal captured data to analyse and profile the audience and discover new marketing opportunities to engage with patrons, staff and guests.

The WiFi solution delivered by 802 delivered beyond the original services requirement – internet access, specific applications during events and a simple social media log in with a sophisticated data capture suite for client engagement and ongoing marketing campaigns.

This solution is supported with a dedicated captive portal solution to offer marketing suite tools, analytics and data capture with demographics. A link was also added to connect the Concert Hall’s second site to its corporate network.

“The dedicated captive portal allows us to enhance our customer base and manage our interaction with our patrons through social media platforms. We can also run splash pages to tell our users about current and future events, with promotions such as early bird bookings, ticket upgrades and other offers.”
Wendy Niblock, Manager at Perth Concert Hall