• 26th November 2015

Auchterarder Community Partnership Leads The Way

Auchterarder Community Partnership Leads The Way

819 615 802 Wifi

The ‘Partnership’ is an amalgam of small businesses, organisations and charities in the Lang Toon, with the aim of building business growth in the High Street and improving the environment.  It is set to embark on a ground-breaking initiative to install its own ‘Super-fast Broadband and WiFi Zone’ throughout the town centre.  The project will be assisted by leading UK WiFi experts, 802.

“We need to take ownership of our communications services and can’t wait any longer for the traditional carriers to get it to us, if they can at all”, said Auchterarder Community Partnership’s Secretary, Geoff Gelder.  “We have very poor broadband accessibility in the area and despite assurances for the last couple of years that super-fast broadband for Auchterarder is on its way, nothing has happened.  “As a result, the Community Partnership, with the full support of local traders, as well as Perth and Kinross Council has decided to take the initiative and press on with our own broadband and WiFi installation.”

The 802’s superfast broadband and WiFi deployment will provide full interactivity throughout the town and especially in the town’s 1.5 mile-long main street, the heart of Auchterarder.  Felix Gibson, 802’s chief executive said: “There is nothing to stop the Community Partnership succeeding in its ambition to install the necessary technology, all of which is readily available on the market.  By providing superfast broadband for the town’s residents and WiFi in its centre, local traders will be able to interact with their customers to provide them, on a regular basis, with all the reasons why they should do their shopping in the town rather than travelling into Perth or elsewhere.  The WiFi installation will provide Auchterarder’s traders with an invaluable insight into their customers’ behaviour and even more important, an outstanding commercial opportunity to interact with them as well as promoting and marketing forthcoming offers and new products.”

Mr Gelder said: “The Auchterarder Community Partnership is working with Perth & Kinross Council to have the Lang Toon join the Scottish Government’s Business Improvement District (BID) programme to help bring about further improvements and business growth in the town and, as a result, help bring it greater prosperity.  The Community Partnership’s initiative, we believe, will help raise the town’s profile and we see no reason why the model that is being successfully applied here cannot be rolled-out to other towns in Perthshire, like Crieff, Muthill and Braco.”

For further information, contact Felix Gibson, chief executive, 802. E: contact@802works.co.uk. W: www.802works.co.uk.